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The key feature of this unique proprietary platform
is the ease in which an individual
client is able to implement copy trading.
The eToro platform features many traders
who want to be copied and who follow risk-control rules.
This accessibility then allows retail
account holders to mimic the trades and
trading strategies of the most successful clients,
automatically and in real-time. While other brokerages
h ave a similar capability, none have integrated it
with social media communication quite as well as eToro has.
Copy-trading in and of itself is no guarantee for either gains or losses.

Though the brokerage shows its weakness in comparison
to some other forex brokers, its platform
is well-tailored for those with a basic understanding
of forex and cryptocurrency trading.
The eTorro's higher than average trading
costs for forex trades and an online-only
customer service portal create an environment where the customer either likes eToro
as is or moves on. Clients use a ticket and chat system
to fix trade issues, make account inquiries,etc